Friday, September 18, 2015

Listening, watching and speaking out: Acting in solidarity with migrants and asylum seekers

Listening, watching and speaking out: 
Acting in solidarity with migrants and asylum seekers

The unfolding chaotic and distressing situation in Europe largely stems from the dominance and longevity of government policies focused on securitisation aimed at deterring migrants and asylum seekers from entering.
This continues to lead to untold human suffering and many deaths.

In recent weeks migrants and asylum seekers have protested and marched in Europe standing up for their rights and demanding humane treatment.  

“If we could go anywhere else we would, but we have family in... I need to be with them”
“Why are they making me risk my life to be with my family when I know I should get asylum if I get there?”
“Freedom, freedom, we want peace.”

“Stopped waiting, started walking”

“We walk, we walk…. We make our own decisions, not wait for solutions”
We are people too”
People begun to listen and a movement of solidarity has begun offering a ‘welcome’, transport, voluntary assistance and a place in their homes.

There have been petitions and demonstrations in solidarity in Europe, around the world and online calling to:

save lives, protect people, change mindsets, recognise ‘our common humanity’,
open borders, ‘welcome refugees’; recognise the contributions and labour demand for migrants and refugees; take a stand for ‘what type of community, society we want to be’; an end to policies that separate families and to put a ‘heart’ back into policy making.

They have also made visible EU states complicity in the creation of many of the ‘root causes’ for peoples movement for protection and better livelihoods that means that they particularly have a responsibility to act.

Now is the time to unite and continue the call for human rights-based migration policies with decriminalisation and safe and legal routes for migrants and asylum seekers.

Join the people’s movement – Stand up for all migrants! Act in solidarity with them!

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